Good Eats: Grand Lux Cafe


Photo credit: Ney

My sister, Ney, and I went to The Grande Lux Cafe for the first time with our Aunty MR.

After observing my Aunt interact with the waitstaff and order her food, I decided I want to be slightly bougie when I grow up. She ordered a delicious NOV pomegranate tea. I tried it and asked for a tea bag of it to-go. You see, bougie girls drink tea. That’s where I’m headed.

My overall impression of Grand Lux was good. The meal was around $15 (a little pricey) but the portions were BIG. I couldn’t finish my food at the restaurant; I didn’t even finish it when I took it to lunch. I finally demolished that bad boy for dinner! I had the apple pie a la mode for dessert, which left much to be desire. I liked the apple filling and the Bluebell ice cream. The pie crust was a little sour.

Grand Lux, for the good food, atmosphere, and great waitstaff gets my stamp of approval!

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