Upcycle Your Style with a CLOTHES SWAP

Are you in need of a fashion makeover but you have no cash to spare? Have you ever wanted to shop in someone else’s closet? Well, you might just be the perfect guest at a Clothes Swap party.

As someone with 2 sisters, I know there’s nothing better than snagging a few pieces from someone else’s closet to complete your look. I have been throwing Clothes Swap parties with my friends for a couple of years now. I love them!


[Benefits of a Clothes Swap]:

One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure
I have had some people hesitate to come because they’re afraid they won;t have anything anyone will want. Little did they know that someone had been looking all over for some charcoal gray work slacks.

You get to go “shopping” with your friends
You also make a lot of new friends. This is how my work friends met my church friends. My only motto is you’re welcome as long as you bring something.

It’s in a comfortable setting (in this case, my living room)

You can set up mirrors and makeshift dressing  rooms

You get supportive advice from friends on what will best fit your shape

You can donate the remainder of the clothes to a non-profit organization

This is a good way to clean out your closet but at the end of the event your closet will be full again! It’s good practice to take the leftover clothes to a charity. This year, my charity of choice is Mia’s Closet Houston

My favorite benefit is: It’s FREE!!

It’s a great alternative to shopping. At the last one I hosted, I found everything from a zebra print blazer to a Kimono dress. “Free” is a style that works for everyone. Because it’s free you’ll be more likely to try on something you normally wouldn’t.

Although some fancy places choose to charge admission, I prefer to have free admission into the Clothes Swap Party. I highly doubt anyone is going to pay money to sit and try on clothes in my living room. It’s a fun time for my friends and I to mingle and shop.

My goal is to not shop until my Clothes Swap on March 3rd, but we’ll see what happens.



If you think you’d like to host a Clothes Swap, check out this awesome party guide on how to host one.

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