Lauryn Hill Doppleganger

Lauryn Hill comments

I’m not sure why but people keep telling me I remind them of Lauryn Hill. At first, I thought it was just my crazy friends trying to be funny. I still don’t see it. I got Lauryn comments a lot when I had yarn braids (that was understandable). Got comments when I sang because we share a raspy tenor-ish voice (also understandable). Even got comments when I had mini-twists (not sure why though). I suppose, whenever I change my hair, I look like her at some stage of her life.

My favorite comment, however, came this weekend at the gas station. As I walk into the gas station, a man in the back exclaims “Well, helloooo Lauryn Hill!” and proceeds to sing “STROKING my pain with her fingerssss.” That definitely made my week.

Whether or not I actually look like Miz Hill, I don’t mind. For what she accomplished at such a young age, the woman is a legend.

It’s crazy to me that kids these days won’t know who she was. I play Lauryn Hill music almost every day in class now. At first, they were requesting I change the song to Nicki Minaj but now I made Hill fans out of them.

P.s. Click on the pic to hear young Lauryn drop some knowledge

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