Swapnista: Houston 2012


I recently joined the group Houston Fashion Bloggers. I found out about the Swapnista online and I was intrigued. I have been hosting Swap Parties for years now. I wanted to see how other people did their swaps. I was also involved in the style challenge. My particular style challenge was to pull of the “peplum” look. Honestly, I didn’t even know what “peplum” was until I googled it. The prize for winning the challenge was a fierce clutch from SpoiledDiva


There was a tie between me and the lovely Ms. Kendra (who was rocking the color blocking look). The awesome audience helped me win the clutch. Can’t wait to wear it!

After the fashion show, the swap party began. The hosts graciously allowed the bloggers who had been in the fashion show to go first. We were given 5 minutes to select 3 items. I was satisfied with my purchases. I will put up pictures a little later. 


Photos by @twostylishkays and can be found here.

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