WAYW #31 If I wear a boy…

I’d probably wear an outfit like this:

It was free-dress day at school. I chose to wear an oxford shirt, my brother’s tie (which I woke up my dad to tie for me), a v-neck khaki sweater, and dark wash skinny jeans.

The kids had their jaws on the floor. Some told me I look like a boy. One student said I looked LIVE (“on-point”, “stylish”)!

My style this year has changed quite a bit from when I was in college. When I first went natural, I had a slightly androgynous style. I was obsessed with mens vests and ties. That paired with a teeny wee afro and red lipstick made for some interesting moments!

See what I mean?

Me in 2009

Since then, I’ve become decidedly more feminine-looking, or at least I think. Lol.

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