NaturaleChronicles Half Bday Giveaway

Happy [Half] Birthday to you. 
Happy [Half] Birthday to you. 
Happy [Half] Birthday, NaturaleChronicles.
Happy [Half] Birthday to youuuuuuu. 

Yes, the month of June marks NaturaleChronicles’ 6th month online. I started this blog on New Years day as an attempt to rid myself of the monotony of grown up life. It came at a time when I felt like I was losing myself, my joy, and my purpose. But in only 6 months, this wee little blog built up my spirit and granted me a renewed purpose.

This blog and you all helped me finish off my first year of teaching with a smile. So with sincere appreciation of the past and enduring optimism for the future, I thank you all!

To show my appreciation to you, my readers and online support system, as promised, I am hosting NaturaleChronicles’ very first GIVEAWAY!!! It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Tatus Welle jewelry designs. All the pieces in the Tatus Welle collection are hand-made. I love Lorraine her jewelry and I wanted to share some of her pieces you.

As you can see in the picture below, Lorraine has a variety of jewelry and accessory pictures. I had a hard time narrowing down the items for the giveaway.

#1. Blue Chevron Button earrings

#2. Yellow and Blue “Africa” earrings
#3. Blue and Gold Simmering Button earrings
 #4. Yellow, white, and red Ankara cloth earrings

4 lucky winners will go home with one of these beautiful earrings.

Here’s how you enter:

1. Follow the Blog (via WordPress or BlogLovin)

2. “Like” TATUS WELLE on Facebook

3. Leave a comment on this post with the following:

– Name

– Location

– Top 1-3 things on your bucket list

I’ll give you an example:

Timi (aka NaturaleChronicles)

Houston, TX

1. Become a college professor 

2. Sew & wear my own clothes

3. Hang glide, Zipline, and sky dive.

Pretty simple, right? I want to hear from you. Leave me a comment to enter. The winner will be decided via a random number generator, which will select the winning comment. Everyone has a fair chance of winning. Good luck everyone!

50 thoughts on “NaturaleChronicles Half Bday Giveaway

  1. So I already follow you, but not through WordPress. I’m a Blogspot girl. But as you already know, I am…

    Houston, Tx.

    1. Write and publish a book or write a screenplay
    2. Go to all 54 countries in Africa or around the world in 80 days
    4. Learn to swin


    1. You’re a great writer, can’t wait to see what you come up with! Gasp, if you need a travel buddy, say the word! Lol. And yes, the swimming thing is crucial. I’ve been saying I’d do it for years.

      Thanks for entering the Giveaway!


  2. Happy Half Burfday :D

    I follow you on here via email actually. I really should comment more. I typically read, view, smile and skip along :P

    – Mirakol Smith :)
    – Austin, Tejas \m/
    – Travel eat throughout Europe, West Africa and Central and S. America; Explore Austin in as much entirety as I can; Get a tattoo of the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol “Gye Nyame”

    The jewelry is beautiful!


  3. Tina Dixon (
    Houston, Tx

    1) Write several best selling books and poems
    2) Travel to the globe and learn about other cultures.
    3) Design clothes for the best clients in the world


  4. Hey Timi Happy [Half] Birthday!

    Hera (
    Charlotte, NC

    1. Start a band
    2. Stand on the Kjeragbolten in Norway (rock in a hard place)
    3. Travel the world


  5. Happy 6 months
    Kanishia Wallace
    Hampton, VA
    Go on missions in Rwanda and Papua New guinea to help less fortunate and share the gospel and counsel
    Go to Paris and shop
    Drive through the Virginia safari park where the zebras, camels etc roam free ( a lil scared though) LOL


    1. Wow! what a coincidence Kanisha!!! Actually, I am from Darfur, Sudan which is in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you ever going, let me know because I can give you some tips!!!! currently, I reside in GA!!!!


  6. Tiffany O.
    Austin, TX
    1.Travel to the islands
    2. Be an international natural model
    3. Get my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing


  7. Nisha (aka Paramourinwaiting)
    Houston, TX
    1. Find my purpose.
    2. Learn to love myself.
    3. Write my memoir.


  8. Nusaiba
    Watkinesville, GA

    Congraudalitaons on your sucess!!!! I am really proud of the Natural community because they keep me up to date with fashion and jewerly! Bellow is my bucket list:
    1- graduate by from college by December 2012
    2- Write and publish a book about “Identity: Issues beyond acceptance” by 2013
    3- Rescue my extended family from the on going war in Darfur, Sudan because they have refuge to camps and some I don’t know where they are.


  9. Alanna Dotson
    Fresno, TX

    1. Visit Bora Bora
    2. Visit Africa
    3. Write a book about my life.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway:)


  10. Congrats on your 6 month blog birthday! I’m coming up on a year in August :)

    My name is Lisa Clay, also a natural hair blogger in Houston, TX (
    1. Visit the Sydney Opera House in Australia
    2. See my face on a natural hair care product line
    3. Become a successful entrepreneur


  11. Danita Austin
    Houston, TX

    1. Write books. Fiction & non-fiction
    2. Become an advocate for underserved autistic populations specifically girls of color.
    3. Travel the world and vlog about my journeys.


  12. Happy 1/2 Year Anniversary!

    Veronica G.
    Birmingham (area), Alabama

    1. Learn to sew
    2. Establish and maintain a good workout regimen
    3. Experience New York as an adult


  13. Virginia Beach, Va. Just started following you. I’m an Active Duty military mother and wife and
    Naturalista. A lot on my plate but I make it work through God’s grace.

    Three top things on my bucket list:

    1. Open a holistic spa for women of all colors.
    2. Travel the world. (not on duty) lol
    3. Publish my poems


  14. Ebube Nwadiei
    Richmond, Texas

    1. Do missionary work in China.
    2. Fly first class.
    3. Order from a restaurant without looking at the prices.


    1. I have a friend who went to China for a mission trip and loved it! She can’t wait to go back and share the Good News.

      I love your #2 & #3. Yes to 1st class, with the extra room and pampering. I totally feel you on being able to go into a restaurant and order more than “water + a lemon” and an appetizer!


  15. Gbemi M

    Dallas, TX

    1) give Obama a lap dance (first lady present of course)
    2) visit china
    3) working with the my black s beautiful campaign somehow


  16. Fehintola Omidele
    Houston, TX
    1) Pay for an entire family’s meal or groceries for someone I’m in line with
    2)Travel to all the top vacation spots in the world with the hubs
    3) Start or become an integral part of a non-profit that specializes in Christian medical missions in 3rd world countries and underserved communities in the US.


    1. #1. I’ve heard some many great stories from both side about how much someone paying for your meal can do. #2. Yes to getaways with the hubs, lol. #3. A passion of mine too. Let me know if you get anything off the ground!

      Thanks for entering the giveaway!


  17. Thank you to all who entered NaturaleChronicles’ first giveaway ever! It was a joy reading all your comments.

    The following winners were chosen at random using ‘s random number selector:

    The winners are Doyin (earring #1), Alanna (earring #4), Shanda (earring #2), and Mirakol (earring #3)

    Congrats ladies! Please email me your address at

    This was a lot of fun! Keep tuned. I hope to team up with other great businesses and brands and host more giveaways!


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