Famous– by Association

World Trade Center memorial grounds

Hook ’em Horns with the Charging Bull at Wall Street

So as we were walking along the streets in Brooklyn and we bumped into these cool cats. I recognized Suzy (African Creature), Noddy (Super Noddy), and Ira (#IRANATION) from Tumblr. They were super chill and very down to earth. Maybe we’ll bump into them again. It was a great day, thanks to BukkyB and her friend Melvin for being our tour guides. So it turns out Melvin is part of a Nigerian boy band called A’won Boyz. He had been chilling and goofing around with us all day. It wasn’t until the end of the night that we figured out how famous he was.

I’ll end this post with a peek at their hype Azonto music video:

Check out these talented peeps. I admire the hustle. It’s no small task to be a creative. Props to them.

Photo credit: BukkyB

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