Trip to D.C. & Black Congressional Caucus

A couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to attend the 42nd Annual Legislative Conference hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation with a group of Teach for America staff and Corps members. I learned so much about being a leader and what I need to do to empower the community in which I’m teaching.

I learned a lot. Here’s a page of  my notes:

When I wasn’t in session, I was enjoying the city. D.C. is so beautiful. The weather was so agreeable that I walked almost everywhere. The bus system was not the easiest to navigate (which one to get on) but the ride was pleasant. The taxis were a little pricey.

I walked by buildings and houses fit for movies

I ate breakfast at The Brown Bag

I went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

I saw beautiful sites

I saw the cutest play, for free for Saturday Mornings at the National Theatre

I went to a farmer’s market, saw a play, visited the zoo, and had frozen yogurt in ONE day!

I got to see a friend from the summer, Tyler.

I spent time with my brother and some family members

I saw the Awakening statue

I’ve decided that I LOVE D.C. The weather was great; The people were nice; The sights were awesome. As I walked through the farmer’s market, I was struck by the thought This could be my life. The bicycles, the organically grown food, the layered clothes, and mini Coopers. I could definitely see myself living in D.C. one day.

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