My First Ugly Sweater Party

Hey y’all it’s been a while! We have some catching up to do, don’t we? Let’s start with some things that have been taking up my time.

I have been event planning or hosting quite a bit lately. Here is event #1: our first inaugural Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly Sweater-005
This should be on a greeting card somewhere :)

We had the party at church and decorated the room with wreath, lights, and Christmas decor. We even had a photo wall, which was really just a wall covered with Christmas wrapping paper and a paper Christmas tree. The paper props were from the dollar section at Walmart and my bestie Jessica provided the festive headbands and oversized glasses from The Dollar Store. My sister Dee (of “DeeKoDee tales“) took the vibrant pictures.

We played an ongoing Truth or Dare card game (once again Walmart dollar section for the win!).

Jessica chose "truth"
Jessica chose “truth”

We sang karaoke. We ate.

We had an Ugly Sweater fashion show and competition

Without a doubt, her is our winner with her DIY sweater that has a singing teddy bear
Without a doubt, here is our winner with her DIY sweater that has a singing teddy bear

Here are some shots from the photo wall:

Ugly Sweater-063

Ugly Sweater-019

Ugly Sweater-057

Ugly Sweater-008

Ugly Sweater-004

Ugly Sweater-154

I had always wanted to attend an Ugly Sweater Party and I was glad Dee and I were able to host one. Special thanks to my sisters Dee & Ineye, as well as my bestie Jessica for helping set-up. Thanks to our church, Braeswood Church, and the Singles’ Department, for sponsoring. I appreciate I was stoked to have Bunmi and all our wonderful guests there. I hope we can do this again sometime :)

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