Good Eats: EMPIRE in Syracuse, NY



My friend, Gabby, from Undergrad at UT was kind enough to let me stay with her while I check out Syracuse. We went to a brewery restaurant called EMPIRE.

Looking at the menu, I saw a few items that made me wrinkle my nose and arch a brow. I settled with the unique San Francisco burger. I’ve been meaning to try a black bean burger and I really liked this one. I had to trade out the poached eggs because I don’t do that  preferred scrambled eggs. It actually was pretty good! I was full after one half of the burger. Goodeats Empire

Gabby chose the catfish burrito, which sounded like a terrible idea but ended up tasting fine, according to her.

Goodeats Empire2


Overall, I’d give EMPIRE my stamp of approval because of the interesting meal options. They were vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. There was a live band and a nice light vibe.

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