Impromptu Photoshoot: Sculpture Heads in The Heights

My friend, Bunmi, and I took an impromptu trip to see the famous sculpture heads in the Heights. The sights were beautiful and entry was free. Enjoy the pictures, taken by Bunmi.

Adickes SculpturWorx Studio

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-015

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-016

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-017

PopPhotoshoot 3168x4752-015

PopPhotoshoot 3168x4752-016

PopPhotoshoot 3168x4752-017

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-018

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-019

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-020

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-022

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-021

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-001

PopPhotoshoot 3168x4752

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-002

PopPhotoshoot 2874x3497

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-003

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-004

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-014

PopPhotoshoot 3168x4752-013

PopPhotoshoot 3168x4752-001

PopPhotoshoot 3168x4752-019

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-005

PopPhotoshoot 3168x4752-002

PopPhotoshoot 3168x4752-003

PopPhotoshoot 4752x3168-007

2 thoughts on “Impromptu Photoshoot: Sculpture Heads in The Heights

  1. I love the “warrior woman” pose. And the one where you’re Russian jumping (?). And… okay. I like them all! But I’m most proud of the ones that have the “We love Houston” setting in some way, I think.


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