What Is A Creative, Anyway?

This past weekend, I attended the “One Day Immersion In TV, Cable, and Digital Entertainment” event in New York City. I got to hear from different professionals in the TV and digital entertainment industry, all with diverse jobs, experiences, and paths to their current jobs. The one thing that they all had in common was that they all referred to themselves as “Creatives.”

A Creative. There was that word again. I have been simultaneously enchanted and a  perplexed by it since I heard Brian Keenan talk about his experience as a Global Creative Initiatives Manager at Ketchum. Prior to meeting him when he came to speak at Syracuse University, I had never been privy to “life as a Creative.” Although I didn’t know anything about being a Creative, much of what he was describing fit the skill set I thought would go unused in my career. I am a dreamer, someone who stares off into space as my mind conjures up ideas to fill up my idea journals. My frustration has always been that I didn’t have the technical skills to bring my ideas  to life. I am an idea-girl, and if I was understanding correctly, that made me a potential Creative.

I went home and did some research. I found a pretty intense flow chart (look at it!) about the traditional requirements for becoming a Creative. While the information is depressing…I mean, helpful to know, it is interesting that the past few Creatives that I have met came into the industry through alternate routes. A few of them got in through freelancing that turned into a full-time offer, one started out by interning, a couple applied with no prior experience and the company took a chance on them. I  listened to their stories and came out feeling challenged and inspired. I may not have all the experiences in the flow chart, but I have a creative mind and I am a problem-solver. My life experiences have given me a unique perspective that will help me in this industry. 

In my research, I found that Creatives have the following things in common:

  • storytelling
  • open-minded
  • people skills
  • personable character
  • creativity
  • good presentation

Source: Creative Bloq

From what I can tell, there is no exact recipe for success as a Creative. I am determined to learn all that I can from the Creatives around me (and the ones who are a world away). I am even more driven to sharpen my skills and dip my toes into Creative waters.

Glad to know what I have to look forward to…Still excited


P.s. I feel like the term “Creative Juices” is actually referring to some type of pheromone that Creatives release when they walk into a room. I swear, they’re all somehow drawn to each other. On a few occasions, I’ve been mistaken for a member of the Creative species. I’m pretty sure it’s because of my glasses and my hair. Perhaps, one day, I can convince them (and myself) that I am one of them. Until then, I will continue to read and follow blogs, I’ll keep filling up pages of my idea journal, and I’ll embrace every Creative opportunity that comes my way.

2 thoughts on “What Is A Creative, Anyway?

  1. Loved this, that flow chart is intense. I definitely think you posses all the skills and more to be a creative. A lot of the “Creatives” are in advertising as well, have you considered that route?

    – NJA!


    1. Thanks, Nieves! I HAVE looked into Advertising. The more I do research, the more I’m interested in integrated pr-advertising-marketing firms. I like the idea that they’re all overlapping functions.


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