Help, I’m Left-brained With an ENFP Personality Type!

For the longest time, I have thought I was right brained because I hated math and loved crafting. It turns out that, instinctively, I am left-brained:

Screenshot 2013-11-16 11.48.08

At first, I was pretty bummed that I wasn’t more right brained. But then I realized that I’m only 13% more left-brained than I am right-brained! Oh man…what a left-brained thing to say. But it makes sense. I’m a little meticulous about my creativity; I never really haphazardly create things. I always have some type of plan. However, at the same time, I am very curious and imaginative.

Because I’m a gluten for punishment curious about myself, I decided to dig a little deeper and find out more about myself. I started by retaking the Briggs personality test. It had been a while, so I had forgotten my results. Here’s a snapshot of my new results:

Screenshot 2013-11-19 22.12.58 Screenshot 2013-11-23 22.14.15

Screenshot 2013-11-23 22.15.02

Screenshot 2013-11-23 22.28.20

My personality type is ENFP. This test rang so true for me and explained the way I’m wired. Obviously, I only posted the positive things. I can’t give away all my secrets now, can I? As a left-brained person with an ENFP personality, I bet I’d make one heck of a creative problem solver!

I recommend that everyone take this quick test, or a similar one to find out their personality type. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. It’s always great to know yourself, so you know who you’re dealing with and what to expect.

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