Street Style: Ashley B.

Ashley Branch

Syracuse University: Magazine, Newspaper, Online Journalism Graduate student

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I met Ashley when we first started graduate school in the summer. I remember always peeping her outfits and admiring the way she put items together. Ashley is an artist, lover, and coffee drinker. She’s a talented writer and a future journalist. Today she’s dressed in a casual, but chic, layered style. I have no doubt that she did indeed wake up like this (insert Beyonce soundtrack)

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Ashley’s combination of bright colors, patterns and textures are spot on. She’s wearing a mustard 3/4 sleeve knit cardigan, a rust knit circle scarf, beige chiffon bird-patterned blouse, leather skirt, black tights, gray ankle socks, and cognac oxford shoes.Streetstyle_Ashley1.17feature 2432x3648 2432x3648-006 2432x3648.17 2432x3648 2432x3648-006

Streetstyle_Ashley1.17feature 2432x3648 2432x3648-006 3648x2432.17 2432x3648 3648x2432-002

Photo cred: Mel of

We couldn’t have made this shoot happen without the fabulous Mel Nicole. Follow Mel on Instagram @bymelissanicole  and on Twitter @msmelinicole

Follow Ashley @AshleyBranch_14

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