How To Engage in Anti-Racism as an African Immigrant

In the midst of the Baltimore Uprising, I have been hearing some concerning statements from Black people criticizing Baltimore residents for their participation in the protests. At this point, I have grown weary of warning my friends against the danger of respectability politics and propagating the myth of the “good Blacks.”

So instead of me going on a rant to break down the issue for you, I will let my younger self teach you a lesson or two about how to effectively engage in anti-racism. The video you’re about to see is part of a school project for Professor Eric Tang’s course on race. I took the course through the African & African Diaspora Studies department during my senior year at The University of Texas at Austin. The project focused on the problem with the model Black minority myth. This is a simplification of a very complex issue, but I hope you all will use it as an educational tool to build Black solidarity and teach effective anti-racism.



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4 thoughts on “How To Engage in Anti-Racism as an African Immigrant

  1. I love this video! I took a class last semester called Black Political Thought, and we covered a lot of the subjects you discussed. More people need to learn about these topics, in fact, it should be required material in American classrooms.


    1. That sounds like such an interesting class! Yes, classes like that definitely should be mandatory so we can talk about race head on.

      Btw, didn’t realized you live in Houston (my hometown)! Hope you’re enjoying it. And I’m loving you’re Etsy shop. Yay girl bosses ;)


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