I’ve been randomly meeting newly Naturale ladies everywhere I go, at the grocery store, at church, on the street, etc. After I got several requests for advice and pointers about naturale hair, I decided to devote a whole page to natural hair.

I have some old Youtube videos and blog posts from my other blog “Know Thyself” from back when I was transitioning and styling a teeny weeny afro. I dug deep into the archives to find them for you all. Here are all my blog posts and videos about naturale hair compiled in one place. You’re welcome ;)

Click here for links to “natural hair” tags on “Know Thyself” blog


If you are looking for something to do with your hair, here are some other great bloggers & vloggers to follow:

(in no particular order)

1. Whoissugar – natural hair and makeup
2. BlackOnyx77– yarn braids and weight loss
3. Familygoingnatural– DIY hair and loc tutorials for the whole family
4. NaturalBelle– great hair inspiration pictures & very style conscious
5. Nikkimae2003– hair tutorials
6. BeautifulBrwnBabyDol– natural hairstyles & weight loss tips
7. Naptural85– 4a hair tutorials
8. Chescalocs– locs and Youtube comedy
 9. Curlynikki– great place for styles, interviews, and articles about natural hair

10. NaturallyLeslie– natural hairstyle tutorials
– has been natural for a while and has long, thick hair. She still finds new styles to do to it. And she features other naturales and their stories!
 11. Ms. V Charles– funny natural hair quick tutorials
12. SpicyEve– natural hair product reviews + humor
13. Bronze Goddess01– locs, skincare, and makeup
14. African Creature– pictures of natural haired men and women & fashion
15. College Curlies– hair maintenance and protective styles

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