Big Chop

When I did the Big Chop (BC), I went to a barber shop:

Read about my Big Chop experience:

I’ll give you a snippet:

June 20, 2009 (My natural hair birthday!)

“Ok, so last night, I decided to give myself a little trim. Considering the fact that it was 2am and I tend to be a little scissors-happy, it was probably a big mistake. When I woke up, I washed my hair and it was a MESSSSS to say the least. I had planned to do the big chop (BC) two weeks from now when my summer prelaw program was over because people tend not to recognize me when I change my hair…. [after the chop] …I am ecstatic! The big chop was the best, most liberating hair experience I have ever had. I am free to be me on my own terms. I may look a little different, but I am still me.”

My older sister also did her BC. Read her story here.

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