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Music covers and Houston Musicians.

“So Lonely”— An Original Song Written by Uche Aguh & Performed by Timi Komo

Who can tell where love begins or ends or even where it’s going? A love story can change in an instant. Watch as this couple journey through this tricky thing we call love.

So Lonely on Vimeo.

Song written by Uche Aguh and sung by Timi Komonibo. Video directed by Toni Akindele.

Sunday Best: “Your Love Never Fails”

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 7.02.33 PM.png

VEDA vlog #14: Cover of “Your Love Never Fails” by Jesus Culture

I heard this song for the first time this week because we were singing it on the praise team at church this morning. Ever since, it’s been on my lips.

Porcelain studio is the bathroom. I’m mixing my own tracks in the bathroom…don’t judge!
Enjoy :)

Worship Soundcheck: “Hallelujah”

Today, I had the opportunity to lead worship at Texas Multicultural Women’s Prayer Breakfast. The Emcee, April Tone, was a phenomenal host for the occasion. 

First, my outfit of the day (OOTD):

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 4.48.34 PM
Check out my original post (click the picture) about this thrifted dress that I got for under $5

The front of my hair was a lopsided Marley braid-hair bun. The back was my hair in a sloppy french braid. Look, it’s growing!

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 4.48.45 PM

Here’s the song I sang:

Thought I’d share a secret about myself:

I’m a big goof when it comes to lyrics and order of songs. I’m notorious for making my fingers cheat sheets for the music. Here’s my cheat for one of the songs I did today.

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 4.57.43 PM

Think you can decode it? Give it a shot in the comment section below:

Feature: Local Houston Musicians

At a benefit concert to support Young Life, I had the pleasure of seeing two great artists:



Chris is a singer/guitarist. I’m not sure how to describe his sound but his voice was doing beautiful things. Chris said he grew up on blues and rock music, and their influences were evident in his songs. He told cute little anecdotes between his songs, which made the audience relate to him. Most of us have experienced a heartbreak. It’s rare to see artists be so vulnerable and put themselves out there, because of that I found his openness refreshing.

He was very personable and his set had a couple love songs he had written. I thought the love songs were sweet and endearing. There was one particular song called “Napkin Song” that I really liked the concept of. Chris said he’d heard of a guy who, whenever he was in a restaurant, he would sit and write love letters to his future wife (whoever she turned out to be). The man collected the stack of napkins with the hopes of one day presenting them to his future wife. Chris applied the same concept and began writing songs on napkins for his future wife. As someone whose parents have been praying for her future spouse since she was born, the idea appealed to me. I think I may pick up this cute habit.

This cover of Lovesong almost sounded like a worship song. Love this song.


Michele started out her set with an awesome mic check song. I was sold at the first note. She had three band members, 2 loc-headed singers and a loc-headed percussion.Their fearless leader, Michele, had a thick top knot of big curly hair. Beautiful group.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that their group was an acapella group. Their percussionist sat on a wooden box with dynamic beats. The acapella group had an eclectic and soulful sound.They had beautifully blended harmonies and some doo-wop rifts. I loved it! In between songs, Michele would talk and drop some knowledge on the crowd. Turns out Michele is a 2nd grade teacher as well. Those kids are lucky to have such an eccentric and energetic teacher. Kids like interesting people, and she is definitely that!  All the while she was speaking, I felt like I was at a poetry/soul slam. All I need was a steaming cup of Chi tea to complete the scene.

Listen to a song from her new cd:

These two are great Houston-based artists. Check ’em out if you get a chance.