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Photoshoot with Freedom54

I had the pleasure of modeling some African design tshirts this past weekend. I never rarely wear tshirts these days, but I made an exception for this design. It was very comfy and is a unisex shirt. The one I’m wearing is a size extra small.




Here’s my blogger spotlight:cA little bit about the company:

FREEDOM54 is an American brand inspired by the universal appeal of the African Aesthetic. We create original designs by fusing traditional African art customs with modern typography and urban fashion.

Drawing its name from the 54 independent nations forming the African continent, FREEDOM54’s clothing covers a spectrum as vast as Africa itself, with designs as diverse as its many peoples. We strive to stay true to our concept of using the strong standard of beauty in the African Aesthetic to create distinctive designs which promote both the value of individualism and the virtue of tradition in today’s society.

At FREEDOM54, we long for the world to be as free and spirited as our designs.

Special thanks to Kai- photographer and CEO of Freedom-54 designs. Click on the picture above to visit their website.

Style Lottery Business Cards Are In!

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon an awesome business card promotional on moo.com.  Moo.com is (for a limited time) giving away 50 free Facebook business cards. These Facebook cards were easy to create— actually Moo.com automatically generates them for you by choosing your profile and your cover pictures. Then it takes you to a page were you can tweak the design a little bit. And because of their prinfitity technology, you can make the business cards with multiple designs on the front. I chose two to keep things simple.

I was so excited when they came in the mail. I may or may not have literally said “Yay! They’re here.”

Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-34 AM

Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-035

I stuck with only 2 designs, so in a pack of 50, I got 25 cards in each design!Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-32 AM

Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-033
Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-035
50 business cards, free of charge! I love it!

On the back of each card is my Facebook url, my phone number, website url (naturalechronicles.com) and a large quote by Anne Frank that says:

No one ever became poor by giving.

Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-36 AM

All of my personal business cards have come from Moo.com. I trust their quality and I really like the design options. I’m always surprised by how quickly I receive the cards in the mail.

I’m not sure how long these awesome cards will be free, but I encourage you to get them while you can (and while they’re still free). Even if they end up being just a conversation starter, these are a great (and inexpensive) way to make a good first impression.

Click the banner below to design your own free Facebook business cardsScreenshot 2013-12-13 10.52.09