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WAYW #13

This week I mixed my casual pieces with dressy casual.

On wednesday, we took the kids to see a play called “The Ballad of Emmett Till” at the Ensemble Theatre. You should definitely go see it if you can. The lead, Joseph “JoeP” Palmore plays the charming and lovable Emmett Till.

On Friday, I and the other teachers chaperoned the Valentines Day dance. Ironically, when I was in middle school, I had not been allowed to attend our school dance. When I was chaperoning, I saw that the students were mostly shy with each other and just wanted to dance with their friends. I wore a khaki long praire skirt with my Miley Cyrus checked shirt. Lol.


Wednesday was my favorite outfit, Monday was my next favorite. Friday’s was really comfortable except for the shoes. I need to get over my height insecurities and invest in some good ole flats.