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The Intern’s Closet

I recently got an internship at an office in Washington, D.C. As I was packing and preparing myself for my life as intern, I took a look at my closet to see what I had that could work for an intern’s closet. My internship has a “business casual” dress code, so I knew I already had some items in my closet that could fit the bill. I didn’t want to buy and entirely knew wardrobe but I wanted versatility, so I was looking to add a few pieces that I could dress up and dress down. I scoured the internet for clues on what most professionals considered business casual. I stumbled upon this photo: business casual photo Here are the recommendations from the post,:

Pants (solid colors are best), Skirts (length that lands at or above the knee), Tailored dress Tailored shirts, blouses, knits, sweaters and cardigans, Blazers and jackets, Both closed toed and open toed heels are appropriate, Jewelry and accessories (such as belts, scarves, watches) should be classic and conservative

One of my biggest problems with D.C. professionals is that they look great at work, but everywhere else they look a little…interesting. I often tuck my heels (if I wear any at all) into my bag and wear cute, sensible flats on the train. I think more brands in the DC area need to invest in comfortable flats, because the market out here is serious! There are women in beautiful skirt and blouse ensembles with neon Nike sneakers on and men in well cut suits with New Balances on. For me, comfort is paramount. I enjoy getting dressed for my internship and I also enjoy the fact that I can leave work and go meet up with friends without having to change. I am comfortable and I look put together. My office seemed to be pretty casual, which explains why my wardrobe leans more on the casual side. Here are a few of my outfits and some tips for the first few weeks at an internship with a business casual dress code.

Tip #1: Show some personality with some color.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.13.03 PM
I find most traditional black boring so I opted for a pair of cobalt blue skinny pants from F21

Tip #2: Wear a sleeveless top and bring along a sweater or jacket to adjust for the weather.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.13.39 PM
I used online shopping websites to introduce cute inexpensive tops to my closet.

Tip #3: Use statement necklaces to make your outfits a little more interesting

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.14.22 PM
Statement necklaces tend to dress up outfits and make them appear more thought out

Tip #4: Invest in a bag is both cute and functional

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.14.33 PM
This bag is sturdy and spacious to hold my work, heels, and my lunch kit.

Tip #5:  Pair solids with patterns to break up the monotony of an outfit

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.14.42 PM
My houndstooth skirt

Tip 6: Substitute uncomfortable slack for jeggings 

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.14.09 PM
I’ve worn these wine skinny pants into the office multiple times and no one has realized they’re jeggings!

My favorite tip is the last one. I never would have thought I’d be wearing jeggings to work, but after the first day I realized my desk job requires me sitting for hours! I realized, I might as well be comfortable while I sit and work. When I decided to wear jeggings, I made sure they were the type that actually looked like regular pants (with a zipper, button, back pocket, etc.). I also both them a size up, so they wouldn’t be inappropriately tight. There is a wide variety of jeggings online and most of them are inexpensive. I know that there will come a day when I have to become a real person and buy an entire wardrobe of designer pants, but for now I am just a humble intern who wears stylish jeggings to work.  Those are my tips for dressing to impress as an intern. Are there any other interns out there? What do you all wear to work?

WAYW: Flowers for Springtime

mustardtightsfloralskirt Feb 10, 2014 6-00 PM mustardtightsfloralskirt Feb 10, 2014 6-001 mustardtightsfloralskirt Feb 10, 2014 6-003 mustardtightsfloralskirt Feb 10, 2014 6-002 mustardtightsfloralskirt Feb 10, 2014 6-01 PM


Purple sweater

Peter pan lace collar

Beige floral skirt

Braided tan belt

Lemon tights

Beige and grey fuzzy socks

Tan ankle boots

This outfit was for me. I had nowhere special to go and no one particularly important to see. I dressed like this to reflect how happy and content I am. I’m in a good place despite it being less than 20 degrees outside. My skirt has flowers on it to remind me that one day soon the flowers will bloom again. All things that were once dead will come back to life.



I Was Featured on College Fashionista!

I was featured on College Fashionista last week. I got to know the photographer, Melissa Martinez (photographer who took Ashley’s street style pictures) and was impressed with how easy she was to work with.

Here is a snippet of the feature:
Screenshot 2014-02-03 16.58.07

The entire the photoshoot was a lot of fun. My attire was for the slightly breezy day, which is a rarity in the Syracuse Springtime. Below are some of my favorite photos from the shoot:

Streetstyle_Timi_navymustard 2432x3648 2432x3648-003 2432x3648.17 2432x3648 2432x3648-003

Streetstyle_Timi_navymustard 2432x3648 2432x3648-003 3648x2432.17 2432x3648 3648x2432-002

Streetstyle_Timi_navymustard 2432x3648 2432x3648-003 2432x3648.17 2432x3648 2432x3648-011

Streetstyle_Timi_navymustard 2432x3648 2432x3648-003 2432x3648.17 2432x3648 2432x3648-006

Streetstyle_Timi_navymustard 2432x3648 2432x3648-003 3648x2432.17 2432x3648 3648x2432-013

Streetstyle_Timi_navymustard 2432x3648 2432x3648-003 2432x3648.17 2432x3648 2432x3648-014

I’ve started playing around with mixing prints and patterns, so this outfit was a fun way for me integrate both into a grad school-appropriate outfit.

WAYW: Wine Corduroy Pants and Thrifted Checkered Coat

Happy MLK day everyone!

Redcordsbench 3648x2432 Redcordsbench 3648x2432-003

Today I am grateful for Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight to achieve social justice for all. We’re a long way from a post-racial society but I believe that there are still intrinsically good people who are willing to work together to make our world a better place. #365grateful

WAYW: wine corduroy pants, white v-neck tshirt, rose cardigan, tan ankle boots, blue dual-color circle scarf.

Check out this throwback picture of Dr. King:

Street Style: Ashley B.

Ashley Branch

Syracuse University: Magazine, Newspaper, Online Journalism Graduate student

Streetstyle_Ashley1.17feature 2432x3648 2432x3648-006 2432x3648.17 2432x3648 2432x3648-001

I met Ashley when we first started graduate school in the summer. I remember always peeping her outfits and admiring the way she put items together. Ashley is an artist, lover, and coffee drinker. She’s a talented writer and a future journalist. Today she’s dressed in a casual, but chic, layered style. I have no doubt that she did indeed wake up like this (insert Beyonce soundtrack)

Streetstyle_Ashley1.17 2432x3648 2432x3648-015

Ashley’s combination of bright colors, patterns and textures are spot on. She’s wearing a mustard 3/4 sleeve knit cardigan, a rust knit circle scarf, beige chiffon bird-patterned blouse, leather skirt, black tights, gray ankle socks, and cognac oxford shoes.Streetstyle_Ashley1.17feature 2432x3648 2432x3648-006 2432x3648.17 2432x3648 2432x3648-006

Streetstyle_Ashley1.17feature 2432x3648 2432x3648-006 3648x2432.17 2432x3648 3648x2432-002

Photo cred: Mel of bymelissanicole.tumblr.com

We couldn’t have made this shoot happen without the fabulous Mel Nicole. Follow Mel on Instagram @bymelissanicole  and on Twitter @msmelinicole

Follow Ashley @AshleyBranch_14

Sunday Best: Jumpers and Bodycons






Happy Sunday, everyone! To continue what seems to be my obsession with coral and red, here’s my Sunday outfit. I’m wearing one of my favorite thrift finds– this coral button-down jumper dress. Inside the jumper, I have on a bodycon dress worn as a shirt. I’m trying to make appropriate use of old bodycons lol. These days, I’m going for a more modest look.

Excuse the wrinkles, I was folded over in the pews this morning.