NC Spotlight# 1: AMEN

Amen Oyiboke

– singer    – fashionista     -make-up artist

She wore:

  • Leopard dress
  • Sheer bow-tie blouse
  • Gold wrist watch
  • Red lip pencil


Natural Chronicles: How would you describe your style?

Amen: I would call it “modern classic”. I incorporate old school with new school. My character is outgoing and bubbly, so are is my style.

NC: If someone told you your outfit was “different,” how would you take it?

A: [laughs] I’d take it as a compliment. I don’t like following trends. I just wear what I like. SO different is good.

NC: Do you have any signature style pieces?

A: You can find me good blazer and button-down blouse made out of lightweight, flowy material like chiffon.

NC: Where do you shop?

A: I mostly go thrift, but I also check out Ross, T.J. Maxx, Macys, etc. I like sales, so I’ll go to any store with a clearance rack [laughs]

NC: What is your shopping philosophy?

A: My mom always says “If you look sezzy, then Girl, you can work it!”


That’s a great motto to live by! I had a blast photographing and interview Amen. We’ve been friends since middle school and she’s a fashionista whose style is awesome as she is! Keep an eye out for her. She might be back on NC for more features!

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