Good Eats: Good Dog (Food Truck)

Tobs and I went to the Haute Wheels Food festival this past weekend. When Tobs told me about it, the inner fattie in me rejoiced! Of all the food trucks we saw and visited, Good Dog was my favorite!

This cute little vintage cutest van, caught our attention! Since we were both in the food for hot dogs, we decided to check it out.

The owners of the truck were friendly and efficient. The food was out in about 5 minutes! It was so good, we had to come back twice!

The hot dog was different from anything I’d ever tasted. First thing we noticed was the bread. It was soft on the inside and lightly toasted. The hot dog was thick, like sausage. And the condiments, which are hand-made, complimented the hot dog perfectly.

Tobi had the Good Dog and I had the Chillin’ Dog

Good Dog- Dog and Bun with your choice of Hand-Made Condiments

Chillin’ Dog- beef and chorizo chili, pickled jalapenos, diced onion and short bus mustard

Bottom line: Good Dog gets my stamp of approval! The taste is unique and delicious. The price for this gourmet hot dog is great. I’ve never felt so bougie eating a hot dog. I felt like I was buying a hot dog in the somewhere in New York.
If I’ve whet your appetite and you would like to hunt down Good Dog, catch them on their website where they give you updates about where to find their truck daily or follow them on Twitter at @GoodDogHotDogs
To check out the rest of our Haute Wheels Food Festival adventure, click here (link coming soon).
Photo credit by Tobs

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