Skyzone, Houston

Lenithia, Janae, and I (fellow teachers). A couple of our students and Cidney (another teacher) below.

Over the weekend, I decided to be social and went to Skyzone with some friends. I had a blast.

Skyzone was pretty cheap ($13 for 60 minutes). We started in the main trampoline section. I have come to the conclusion that I might have missed some essential Trampoline 101 lesson during my childhood. The kiddos made the flips look effortless, but the minute I landed my floppy over-the-shoulder flip, I realized the perfect flip is the result of courage, flexibility, and pure athleticism. I was missing 2 out of 3…heck, all 3.

I somehow got peer pressured into playing 4 asthma-inducing rounds of dodgeball. I don’t even have asthma and I felt like asking for a pump. It was a lot of fun; I was the last (wo)man standing in dodgeball twice (despite the fact that I can’t throw to save my life, I can dodge like Leo in the Matrix).

We ended our fun at the foam area where I did a dive into a pool of blue foam. It was nice watching people’s techniques, or lack thereof. The latter was more entertaining to watch.

When I got to school on Monday, a student told me he saw me at Skyzone. I sincerely hope he didn’t see me during my fail flips.

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