Adventure Time: Biking in Austin

This past weekend was my last weekend in Texas before I moved to Syracuse. I wanted to spend it doing something fun and adventurous. The weekend was awesome and beyond my expectations.

I arrived in Austin on a Megabus with my sister, Ney. The ride cost $12 departing and $12 returning. We chose the bus not just to save gas but because we both hate driving. It was nice to get a nap in while we were on the road.

I met up with some friends for brunch

We were celebrating the birthday girl, our friend Victoria.

Happy 24th Birthday, girl!


Brunch at ZTejas in Austin

After brunch, we went on a bike tour with Austin Bike Tours and Rentals!

zipfun 546x541.41 AM
Here’s the whole group. We’ve know each other since undergrad but I didn’t get to spend time with everyone.

The tour was a great bonding experience.

We took to the streets like a female bike gang. We had a beautiful view of the city.

We stopped a few time along the tour:

2013-06-22 15.25.09
Sweaty and huddled at a local bar at one of our stops

We went to check out Barton Springs. It was many of us’s first time there. We had snow cones and treats in the snack shack.

zipfun 551x551.58 AM

We even took a drip into the spring.

2013-06-22 16.37.37
The water was refreshingly cool.

We cycled through a couple more streets and headed back to return the bikes. It was a great experience. Although it was a little on the pricey side, a Groupon helped lessen the cost.



We went to Cheesecake factory. Here’s my meal:

2013-06-22 22.31.54
Looking at this scrumptious meal, I’m still sad that I left my leftovers in the fridge.

After dinner, Victoria surprised us with gifts. I had never seen a party where the birthday girl has gifts for her guests. I was blown away by the thoughtfulness of the gesture.

2013-06-23 00.03.59

Each of us got a box with “Victoria’s Secrets” inside (heheh). No not underwear, but some items that were some of her beauty secrets like her favorite kind of lipstick, moisturizer, rice paper (to reduce shine), etc. It was a cute idea that I will most definitely steal at some point.

2013-06-23 00.06.53-1
Us, our gifts, and birthday-girl Victoria (in yellow)







Happy Birthday, Victoria! May God grant you the kindness, happiness and friendship you have bestowed on us!

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