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Thrifted Goodies: Yellow Coat

Great color on this coat. The coat is a great length. I want to make it a dress, which means I need to put on a couple more buttons on the bottom.

I was trying on the shoes too. They were cute black and white striped wedges. They were a high size too small, so I didn’t buy them. Yaaay clap for me for not buying things I don’t need!

It’s the little things…

It’s the little things that make me happy:

1. My thumb ring

   – It was a gift from a friend. Originally a mood ring, but I wore it in the shower one too many times. 

2. My red yarn braid

   – I randomly decided to put it in one day. It reminds me that I’m 22, not 35 like I tell my students. I can hide it in the back or pull it to the front. 

3. My waist beads

   – They were made by my friend, Naomi (Check out her etsy shop). It’s very sensual to know that I have these beautiful beads under my clothes. They also help me keep track of my weight.

4. My ear cuff

   – I had been shopping on etsy for a decently priced ear cuff. I finally found one at Icing at the mall for $4!  It’s a great alternative to a piercing. 

My latest food obsession: Craisins!

Last year, I had a thing for string cheese and now I’ve moved on to Craisins. The strange things is that I find raisins absolutely disgusting, but I like craisins. They’re delicious!