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Good Eats: In the Big Apple

My first meal off the airplane was a bbq brisket sandwich in North Carolina. Good stuff. Fried pickles and hush puppoes on the side. Yummm!Detailes about the restaurants to follow.

Top left: The OZ Cross sub

Large enough for two meals! The Deli had many subs that crazy names paying homage to celebrities, bands, or other famous people.

I also tried a couple new things while I was here:

#1.Oreo Donut- Dunkin Donuts 

The donut was gooood…for the first 3 bites. After that, I was done. The

#2. Sweet Apple- Arizona

I love Arizona juice! My favorite flavor is Kiwi Strawberry, and Fruit Punch is close second. I saw Sweet Apple and decided to try it out. Big mistake. I had to force myself to swallow the weird pseudo-apple juice. I will stick to my kiwi strawberry. It ain’t ever lied to me.

See, Mommy, I’m nowhere near starving!

Good Eats: Dunn Bros Coffee

I recently visited Dunn Bros Coffee for the first time to meet up with Ogo Ifelayo, founder of GrubSquad, to do an interview. I’m not a coffee-drinker, but I wanted to try it out anyway. I actually liked it. It was interesting to try a non-Starbucks coffee place. It was spacious on the inside, with couches and high tables with stools for patrons to sit on. It was relatively quiet— quiet enough to study, read a book, or have a meeting without being disturbed.

Dunn Bros had a cute chalkboard menu. They served beverages as well as food.

Here is part of the menu:

The prices were pretty low; most of the beverages were under $5.

I ordered a Chicken Pesto pizza (pictured above). I’m a pesto fan! The only thing on it that I had to remove was the artichoke on the top of the pizza. (I forgot to tell them to take it off when I ordered). I’m kinda picky, but I still think the pizza was delicious.

I also had a strawberry smoothie (also pictured above). It tasted like fresh strawberries! The only downside was that the cup was on the small-side. I was a little bummed when I finished the smoothie and had no more left.

It was a nice, light meal. Good taste. Laid back atmosphere. I’d recommend Dunn Bros Coffee if you’re looking for good beverages (coffee/smoothies) and food.

Next time, as per the GrubSquad founder’s recommendation, I will try either the Chicken & hummus sandwich or the salmon w/ chunks of mango sandwich. Both sound promising!

Good Eats: Baker Street Pub & Grill


Thanks to Tobs, I’ve been eating well and trying new place! We went to Baker Street Pub and Grill (for the second time). I’m a creature of habit so I ordered what I ordered the first time I went there– Sherlock Sliders!

The first time I had them, I had a trio of Fish, Southern Style chicken, and Beef. I looooved the fish. However, the Town center didn’t have fish. I went with three Southern style chicken sliders. Guess what, still delicious!

The fries were nicely seasoned and complimented the burgers excellently. My tummy was happy and so was my wallet. All the food was under $10.

Baker Street Pub & Grill gets my stamp of approval for these sliders!