Houston: High Fashion Home

Today, after a hard day of PPR test prep, I went to check out High Fashion Home with my friend/co-worker Adrian. High Fashion Home is like, according to Adrian, IKEA-meets- Urban Outfitters. I’m inclined to agree with her. Their fabric store across the street is like a JoAnn’s craft store. As someone who loves interior design, I loved the way they decorated living rooms, couches, and beds with bright fabrics and bold prints. Adrian was having a hard time not drooling too.

I felt like a kid in a toy store. There was so much to see!

I saw cute little armchairs, delectable low beds, and I finally saw the stupendous floating bookshelves I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest. The best part was that everything was all out in the open and you could sit on the furniture to see if you liked it:

We saw some chairs with a lot of character!
We got to try several couches…not all were a good fit.

It was a great trip. We didn’t buy anything but we sure were inspired to upgrade our living spaces.

Highlight of the trip:

Adrian finally providing me with proof that chartreuse is a real color and not a bougie invention of her imagination. Please forgive my ignorance!

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