Oxfords, Loafers, and Kitten Heels. Oh my!

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I love being short! I used to resent being vertically challenge, but I as I grew in years yet not in stature, I began to  see the “5 feet 4 and under club” as an elite society. Not everyone can be small and petite, so I consider it a badge of honor lol. Wearing flats and kitten heels allows me to stay low to the ground while staying stylish.

Check out my Pinterest Board: "Walking On Clouds In Flats"

When I first started teaching middle school, I was taken back by how tall sixth and 7th graders were. They towered over my 5 foot 2 inches (and 3/4th) frame. I quickly started wearing heels to disguise my height. I would be on my feet for hours on end, five days a week.

I began having achy feet and back problems. I went to the podiatrist to have my foot x-rayed.  The doctor told me I had bunions on both feet and recommended that I get bunionectomy surgery! Whaaaat? I was 23 years old. Whenever I thought of bunions, I thought of the 90s tv series “The Nanny” and how Fran’s elderly parents were always always complaining about having bunions. The doctor explained that high heels were putting unnecessary pressure on on the balls of my feet. She suggested that I ditch high heels and tight shoes.

Whenever I thought about the discomfort and pain that accompanied high heels, I decided the switch to flats would be the less painful option. I ventured into the wonderful land of Oxford shoes and loafers, and there I fell in love. These classic shoes were the perfect complement to any outfit. Thanks to stores like Target and DSW, my flats collection has grown exponentially. They are now my shoes of choice.

My newest pair of Elaine Oxford flats from DSW.

On the occasion that I am in need of some height elevation, I typically spring for a pair of kitten heels. Many of my friends refer to kitten heels as “baby heels”. They may not be as grown as six-inch stilettos, but they have a feminine and playful air to them. I wear kitten heels so that I do not have to compromise  style for the sake of comfort.

ModStyle 4332x1583

Other shoe alternatives to heels are wedges and boots. If I must wear high heels, I prefer platform wedges. With the platform, my feet can hardly tell they’re elevated.

The transition away from high heels has been a good decision for me. I still occasionally wear heels, but I try to do sparingly or for short periods of time. I don’t feel like I am missing out because I’m wearing flats. Shoe designers have been doing a great job of making flats look just as fashionable as a a pair of heels. I am most likely going to wait until Christmas break to get the foot surgery. Until then, I will keep wearing flats and try to avoid googling pictures of “bunions” (Hey, don’t judge me! I was curious!).

7 thoughts on “Oxfords, Loafers, and Kitten Heels. Oh my!

    1. Hi Cristy, your pants should fit well (not too tight and not too long, dragging onto the floor). You should be comfortable sitting, walking, squatting, etc in them. A teacher’s day is long and requires a large range of motion. Invest in good pants that will last and not rip. I got some nice Gap Chinos that lasted me for 2 years.


  1. I am going to be student teaching though and I have been looking at different outfits. I see sooooo many outfits with flats. My problem is my feet are too wide for flats and I cannot wear them. And I have a bad knee so heels are definitely out of the question as well =(


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! I’ve been combing through my closet trying to find apporpriate clothes for subbing and after reading your post I’ve have so many ideas now. I’ve been trying not to shop and work with what I already have.


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