Clothes Swap: A Philanthropic Shopper’s Dream




keep calm and clothes swap

This past weekend, I threw what must have been my 6th Clothes Swap. When I started planning for the swap, I reached out to Pennywise Resale Center, one of my favorite thrift stores in Houston. I have been shopping at Pennywise for years, so naturally it came to mind when I was thinking about what store to donate the remaining clothes to. Few people actually know about Pennywise’s philanthropic efforts. Pennywise is dedicated to “Assisting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and their children.” I sat down with Liz Moreno, the chairman of Hispanic Business Division- Fort Bend County Womens Center. I was impressed by the great work the Fort Bend County Womens Center, in conjuction with Pennywise, is doing to help the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in the city of Houston. Keep an eye out for my upcoming feature on Pennywise.

I had a blast organizing and hosting the clothes swap. It’s one of those experiences you have to see to believe. My post today is mostly going to consist of pictures of the event. Enjoy!

The guests came bearing donations.

Clothes Swap 3264x2448-003

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-002

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-003

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-011

We sorted their items in the designated areas:

Clothes Swap 3264x2448
Jackets & Sweaters on the left rack; Dresses on the right rack
Clothes Swap 3264x2448-004
Shoes and accessories on a table

Once they sorted the items, everything was a free-for-all! They could pick up anything they wanted     . It is always so civilized and 
Clothes Swap 3264x2448-005

Clothes Swap 3264x2448-008

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-013


They helped each other shop:Clothes Swap 3264x2448-010


Clothes Swap 2448x3264-012

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-030

Happy shoppers!

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-027

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-020

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-028

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-029

It was a chance to hang out and make new friends.
Clothes Swap 2448x3264-022

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-016

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-004

Guests always leave satisfied and happy, knowing that their shopping spree didn’t cost them a dime.
Clothes Swap 3264x2448-011

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-037

Clothes Swap 2448x3264-026——————————-

Clothes Swap DeeTimi 2448x3264
Happy Swapping!

Special thanks to my sisters, Mom and Dad for helping with setup and tear down of the event. Shout out to Pennywise for letting us borrow the giant racks to put the clothes on!

I brought a lot of clothes to the swap and found some great pieces at the swap. I honestly prefer clothes swaps to thrifting. They are a great way to introduce new items into my closet without going broke. Now that I’m moving up North for graduate school, I’m changing up my style quite a bit. This swap helps me, but it helps others even more. At the end of the swap, we had more than 500 articles of clothing left. Because I donate all the proceeds to a charity, my love of clothes is doing a world of good to people I may never meet. That makes it all worth it.

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