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Merry Christmas

This Christmas was a nice, small occasion with just the six of us. The first time in a long time we didn’t have guests in the house on Christmas morning.

This year for Christmas, my brother Ges got a dslr camera so this post will be picture-heavy. Enjoy!

Christmas2013 4272x2848Christmas2013 2736x3648

Time to open our presents!

Christmas2013 2736x3648-001
Ges’s favorite present: New Canon DSLR camera
Christmas2013 3648x2736-002
Dee’s favorite present: Halle Berry perfume (not pictured)
Christmas2013 3648x2736-001
Parent’s favorite present: Scrapbook about our Mom and Dad
Christmas2013 3648x2736
Ney’s favorite present: Bun B’s Coloring & Activity Book (from me)

After opening our presents, we went to church. It’s our annual tradition.Christmas2013 4272x2848-001 Christmas2013 4272x2848-002Christmas2013medee 4272x2848

Then we went home to eat/take impromptu family potraits :Christmas2013 2577x4233Christmas2013 3675x2335 Christmas2013 4272x2848-005 Christmas2013 4272x2848-006 Christmas2013 4272x2848-007 Christmas2013 4272x2848-008 Christmas2013 4272x2848-009Christmas2013 4272x2848-010 Christmas2013 4272x2848-012 Christmas2013 4272x2848-013 Christmas2013 4272x2848-004 Christmas2013 2848x4272 Christmas2013 2848x4272-001

We had a lovely Christmas this year and I look forward to the future with these beautiful people.

Photo cred: Ges (Tales of Ye)

Christmas Wishlist: Canon G12 Camera

This Christmas, I’m saving up for a dslr camera. In the coming new year, I want to record more memories and outfits with clearer resolution.

I’m dabbling into legit photography for the first time, so I’m not looking to go broke over a new camera. Also the word “new” is relative. I don’t mind a used camera, as long as it is in good working condition.

I read up of what digital cameras are most compatible for the fashion blogger lifestyle.

Here are a few articles:

5 Fantastic Digital Cameras For Fashion Bloggers

Going the DSLR Route: Blogger’s Share Their Favorite Digital Cameras

In shopping for a new camera, these are considerations:

  • I want a camera that will give me crisp images
  • Size Matters. Ideally, I’d like a small/mediumish camera that I can tuck into my bag.
  • It doesn’t need to be the newest model of the camera
  • The camera must have good video capability
  • I’ll be buying a remote and tripod 

With all that said, I’m not exactly sure of which camera to get, but I’m partial to the Canon dslr cameras. I know they’re not small but I’d had Canon cameras before and I like their quality. I’m open to cheaper options that still offer me great pictures.

I’ve had my eye on the Canon G12 (and honestly, the entire Canon G series). It delivers dslr quality without the bulk.


I’ve been reading reviews and I’m still unsure of which camera would best suit me. I’m a little out of my element, so I could use some advice.

Bloggers out there, what cameras do you all use?