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WAYW: Wine Corduroy Pants and Thrifted Checkered Coat

Happy MLK day everyone!

Redcordsbench 3648x2432 Redcordsbench 3648x2432-003

Today I am grateful for Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight to achieve social justice for all. We’re a long way from a post-racial society but I believe that there are still intrinsically good people who are willing to work together to make our world a better place. #365grateful

WAYW: wine corduroy pants, white v-neck tshirt, rose cardigan, tan ankle boots, blue dual-color circle scarf.

Check out this throwback picture of Dr. King:

Our First Family Cruise- 2014

My family and I just got back from a cruise– our first cruise ever! We had a lot of laughs, ate too much food, and made a lot of memories.

The scenery from the boat every morning was beautiful. Seeing the sun rise and set on the horizon was breathtaking.

FamilyCruise 4272x2848-013

The ship made two stops: the first in Progresso, Mexico and the last stop was in Cozumel:

FamilyCruisecropped 4272x2848-020

FamilyCruise 4272x2848-024

Feeling adventurous, I randomly decided to get a henna tattoo of a anchor and an infinite sign. After 30 minutes, I already hated it. It just goes to prove I could never have a real tattoo. I’d get tired of it easily. FamilyCruise 4272x2848-023

My brother, the only animal lover in the house, looks a little too comfortable holding that hideous creature. FamilyCruise 4272x2848-022

Our Carnival cruise ship was huge!
FamilyCruise 2848x4272-007

We went out again to check out the next island:FamilyCruise 4272x2848-004

This pirate told us he was Johnny Depp’s half brother. He was so incredible crusty and dirty, but he was very funny and cheeky. FamilyCruise 2848x4272-001

Inside the ship, we occupied our time with Broadway-like musicals and an unnatural amount of karaoke:FamilyCruise 4272x2848-026 FamilyCruise 4272x2848-008 FamilyCruise 4272x2848-011FamilyCruise 4272x2848-010 FamilyCruise 4272x2848-009

One evening, I got to perform with a live band in front of a live audience for the cruise talent show. I had a blast! I won a plastic trophy and a bottle of champagne. FamilyCruise 4272x2848
FamilyCruise 4272x2848-002

Thanks to my brother Ye’s awesome camera, we were able to take some cute family portraits:
FamilyCruise 4272x2848-006

The cruise photographers were giving us the side eye when they saw us having a full-blown photo shoot by the staircase.
FamilyCruise 4272x2848-007 FamilyCruise 2848x4272-003

We dressed up for fancy dinners with our family friends who were also cruising:

FamilyCruise 4272x2848-018 FamilyCruise 4272x2848-015 FamilyCruise 4272x2848-016 FamilyCruise 4272x2848-019

Throughout the entire cruise, we experienced three-course meals, comedy clubs, and     . This was a much needed vacation. It was nice sharing a room and being in close quarters with my siblings again. I’d somehow forgotten how much I love and miss my family when I’m away. As I go back to school, well-rested and perhaps a couple pounds heavier, I am excited to see what this year will bring. Already 2014 has knocked me off my feet.

FamilyCruise 4272x2848-012

Photo credit: Ye

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was a nice, small occasion with just the six of us. The first time in a long time we didn’t have guests in the house on Christmas morning.

This year for Christmas, my brother Ges got a dslr camera so this post will be picture-heavy. Enjoy!

Christmas2013 4272x2848Christmas2013 2736x3648

Time to open our presents!

Christmas2013 2736x3648-001
Ges’s favorite present: New Canon DSLR camera
Christmas2013 3648x2736-002
Dee’s favorite present: Halle Berry perfume (not pictured)
Christmas2013 3648x2736-001
Parent’s favorite present: Scrapbook about our Mom and Dad
Christmas2013 3648x2736
Ney’s favorite present: Bun B’s Coloring & Activity Book (from me)

After opening our presents, we went to church. It’s our annual tradition.Christmas2013 4272x2848-001 Christmas2013 4272x2848-002Christmas2013medee 4272x2848

Then we went home to eat/take impromptu family potraits :Christmas2013 2577x4233Christmas2013 3675x2335 Christmas2013 4272x2848-005 Christmas2013 4272x2848-006 Christmas2013 4272x2848-007 Christmas2013 4272x2848-008 Christmas2013 4272x2848-009Christmas2013 4272x2848-010 Christmas2013 4272x2848-012 Christmas2013 4272x2848-013 Christmas2013 4272x2848-004 Christmas2013 2848x4272 Christmas2013 2848x4272-001

We had a lovely Christmas this year and I look forward to the future with these beautiful people.

Photo cred: Ges (Tales of Ye)

#31WriteNow: Happy Birthday, Bro.

At 5pm, I submitted my final project for my graphics class and thus completed my last class of the summer session. Check out some of my graphics work at this link.

After a long day of class, my grad program cohort and I went out to eat some Korean food and sing some karaoke.

Screen shot 2013-08-10 at 1.50.27 AM
The different dishes for our meal

I had a blast this evening. Eating delicious food and singing upbeat songs helped me forget about how long today had been. But it didn’t let me forget what today is.

Today is August 9th, my older brother’s birthday. He would have been 26 years old. Sometimes, I wonder what he would have looked like today if he would lived past the age of 15. I wonder if he’d have had a steady girlfriend. Wonder what career he would have picked and where he would be living. Wonder how his facial hair would have grown in. Wonder if he’d still be making people smile.

All I can do is wonder until I see him again one day. I miss him and lament the fact that so many people in my life are unaware that he once existed. I didn’t bring up my brother’s birthday even one time (other than on Twitter) today because it’s a reality I like to push into the back of my brain. But here in the privacy of my room, I let my guard down and the memories of he and I come flooding back to me. As painful as they are, I am glad they’re still there. They’re a reminder that he once existed. If not for those memories, it’d be as though I made up that charmingly mischievous boy. Although we had Tonbara with us for only 15 years, I am grateful for every second we had.

Happy 26th Birthday, Tonbara!

First Syracuse Visitors & Niagara Falls

2013-06-29 15.05.05
Canadian and America flag

We took a road trip to Niagara Falls!

2013-06-29 16.38.37
Water is such a powerful force!
2013-06-29 16.40.41
I had to get a closer look!
2013-06-29 16.44.27
Me, Dee, and Mom. Heart shape faces unite!


Farewell pictures

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 3.39.05 PM Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 3.39.14 PM

Me and Dee standing awkwardly so you can see the pretty building on Syracuse’s campus
My mommy and I
Dee and I right after I bought Huck, my Schwinn bike.
Test run down the street
Made it out alive! All smiles

I had to say goodbye because they were about to fly back to Houston. I love them for coming to move me in. It would have been impossible without them. I hope my whole family can come visit at some point. Maybe they can spend a winter holiday with me and experience the endless snow heheh!