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Jacket Jackpot w/ 3Fifteen

Ever since I moved up to Syracuse, I have been scrambling to get winter gear to keep me from freezing to death up here. Thanks to 3Fifteen’s 50% sale last weekend, I was able to snag three good jackets to add to my collection.
3fifteen Nov 27, 2013 2-34 PM

3fifteen Nov 27, 2013 2-27 PM
This JCrew jacket was only $10!! Hands down, my best buy that day.
3fifteen Nov 27, 2013 2-31 PM
This American Eagle jacket was around $7 and the lining was very warm.
2013-11-23 13.36.54
This fleece-lined jacket is good for keeping the snow away. Only $5

**These 3Fifteen posts are not sponsored. I just really like their store!**