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Jacket Jackpot w/ 3Fifteen

Ever since I moved up to Syracuse, I have been scrambling to get winter gear to keep me from freezing to death up here. Thanks to 3Fifteen’s 50% sale last weekend, I was able to snag three good jackets to add to my collection.
3fifteen Nov 27, 2013 2-34 PM

3fifteen Nov 27, 2013 2-27 PM
This JCrew jacket was only $10!! Hands down, my best buy that day.
3fifteen Nov 27, 2013 2-31 PM
This American Eagle jacket was around $7 and the lining was very warm.
2013-11-23 13.36.54
This fleece-lined jacket is good for keeping the snow away. Only $5

**These 3Fifteen posts are not sponsored. I just really like their store!**

#31WriteNow: Salvation Army Thrift Haul

This was actually my first time shopping at a Salvation Army. I had shopped at Goodwill and other resale shops but, for some reason, not Salvation Army. Luckily, we went on a Wednesday, so many of the items were 50% off.

Before I started shopping, I gave myself a budget and a shopping objective. My budget was $20 and my shopping objective was to find articles of clothing with good prints and patterns.

I bought 8 items and I was a teensy bit under budget. Call me a Happy Thrifter.

Spotted: “3Fifteen”- A Thrift Shop in Syracuse

This may sound crazy, but as I have been preparing to move away from Houston I had already started mourning my thrifting lifestyle. I would miss the unique prints and trendy finds that set me back less than a Happy Meal. From what I had seen from my trip to New York in the summer, clothes in the Big Apple did not run cheap. Fortunately for me and my closet, Syracuse is not quite the Big Apple…more like the Little Orange (get it, because Syracuse’s colors are orange…nevermind). But really, the small town is more budget-friendly and affordable.

So imagine my delight when my new friend Kelly showed me this cute little thrift store called 3FIFTEEN on campus. Click the link for their Non-profit Facebook page.

The store had a boho vibe to it and there was a cute cafe on the inside. Kelly tells me the cookies are to die for. When I saw the face-sized cookie she bought, I made a mental note to go back and try one myself.

sackchair palletchairs palletchair2

I’ve always had a thing for wooden pallet furniture!

thriftdisplay 3fifteenrack

The skirt and the polka dot blouse caught my eye. I was only browsing though, so I left the items in the store for the next lucky shopper.

3 fifteenmantra

I absolutely love this sign! Philanthropic fashion is one of my passions.


Here’s Kelly checking out the selections.ethnicpurses 3fifteenrack3

One day I will cut back on thrifting. Looks like that day won’t be coming for another 2 years! Cheers to Thrifting!

Thrift Haul #2

Today I took advantage of my day off and stayed in, watched the Inauguration coverage, and went thrifting. I went to Family Thrift Outlet where everything was 75cents today. I bought about 12 items, all of which came to about $9.50! Yes, just under the budget! *fist pumps*

Here are some of my items:

I needed a few work pants, so I went searching. I found four pairs from brands GAP, The Limited, Issac Mizrahi and another random brand I hadn’t heard of. I was glad to find solid brands at such a low price. The only problem now is that I will have to hem most of the pants due to the fact that I’m short and I wear mostly flats.



I liked the pattern on this shirt.thrifthaul4a

Oversized mens sweater!

Something about this shirt screams retro bowling league to me, but I like it!thrifthaul6a

Found a mini-skirt to go with my bright tights!


My sister has a super comfy movie sweater that I’ve been jealous of. This XL sweater does the trick.


Not pictured are a silk floral skirt, a blue and white trim blazer (for my mom), and a tan blazer (for my sister).

Total price: 12 items for $0.75 = $9 (plus $0.50ish in tax)

A day and money well-spent, wouldn’t you say?

I made a deal with myself and my closet that for every 2 new items I bought, I needed to donate one thing. It looks like I’m going to have to toss out 4 old things. Yikes. I’m going to comb through my closet. I’m sure there’s a pair of daisy dukes crying out for a new home.

Thrift Haul #1

I’ve been really into vintage-looking styles lately. A few people have asked me why I dress like I’m from another decade. Honestly, I like reinventing myself. At this point in my style, I am into mini dresses paired with tights and peter pan collars.

I recently went thrifting. Everything was an additional 50% off. Nothing I bought was over $5, due to the sale!

Here are a few of my finds:

Thrifty Finds #1

This is my first thrift adventure since the pre-Clothes Swap fast. Lol, I haven’t thrifted for a month. Let me tell you, it was rough. But I went to my thrifting spot and I got:

  • 1 checkered blazer
  • 1 dress
  • 1 button-down sleeveless top
  • 1 floral skirt (with a pocket)
  • 1 pair of striped pants
  • 1 pair of vintage pearl drop earrings (not pictured)
My grand total was $16. Not bad.

My favorite things that I bought were the blazer and the dress. I’m definitely taking them to New York with me!