Top 10 Desires for 2013

At our house, we have a scrapbook resolution tradition that we do on New Years Eve. We make a poster of what we want for the upcoming year. I love this tradition. Here’s my poster. See if you can decipher some of my desires for 2013. I’ll tell you a few of them.


This year, I will be turning 24 and I know that God is going to show out in a mighty way. I have a few things that I desire to accomplish before the year is over. Note I didn’t mention resolutions. For some reason, my mind, body, and soul go out of their way to spite my resolutions so I’m going to call them desires instead.

1. Get into an Out-of-State Graduate program

2. Get more organized

My OCD planner
My intense planner

3. Establish my style which I call “Professoriate”

– Professoriate style is quirky, eclectic, and includes tortoise-shell glasses, blazers, cardigans, and loafers.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 8.05.41 PM

4. Come to terms with my vertical disinclination (and stop pretending to be 5’5)

"Little" bro and I.
“Little” bro and I.

5. Get my smile & joy back

I'm already working on it ;)
I’m already working on it 

6. Experiment more with my hairScreen shot 2013-01-14 at 8.07.36 PM

7. Learn to do more things with my hands (sew w/ a machine, build, design…)

8. Sky dive for my 24th birthday (I won’t be stopped this year!)

9. Be on stage more (The Voice?)



On a side note, for the sake of my readers and instagram followers I hope I can find an alternative to those sophomoric mirror picture. I hope someone loves me enough to start taking them for me ;)

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Desires for 2013

  1. oo… if I knew you wanted to do the MS150… I was dying to do it. But it’s too late to train now. It’s two months away (I put it in my planner cause it was a small goal of mine), so now I’m gunning to do it next year.


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