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Tour of My Room

I really like picture frames. I framed an inspiring student letter, inspiration greeting cards, awards, and family pictures. The Big Ben picture was my inspiration for the red accents.

My vanity corner:

Check out my DIY earring hanger

It’s a neon spray-painted foil pan! I recently found some spray paint on sale and bought three different colors. There’s also a hanging hand mirror. This is my new vanity area.

I used this earring organizer to organize my small craft pieces. Notice I have a lot of buttons and jewelry-making items. I was planning on making button earrings. Now that I have my craft glue and super glue, I can start making them.

Jewelry box

Ring holder on the left, hoop earrings in the center, button earrings on the right.

Notice the medicine case. I put my earring studs in there. It’s much more portable when I’m going on traveling.

Lipstick collection

I’m proud of myself for not going out and buying tons of lipstick lately. My collection has virtually stayed the same except for a few lipsticks. I’m loving this Avon Everlasting “Forever Burgundy” shade.

DIY station

My bookshelf (which my dad and I assembled) doubles as my craft storage. I got these sturdy bins from Ikea and they have been steadily helping me organize my life. I am obsessed with DIY so all my tools must be in reach at all times.

My work space

Cute elephant speakers (sound comes from his feet)

 My bed. Same comforter from college. The bright stripes makes me happy!
This concludes the tour of my room.

Product Review: Flexi Tail (Phone stand)

Every once in a while, I find an “As Seen on TV” product that has found its way to the dollar store. When products are $1, instead of 6 payments of $19.99, they’re so much more appealing. At The Dollar Tree today, I found a product called the “Flexi,” a mobile tail stand. It holds your phone upright, I suppose so that your hand doesn’t get cramped while you’re trying to view a movie on your phone or something.

So I gave it a try. It works in 3 easy steps.

#1. Place the suction cup on the back of your phone

(note: the suction cup is a strong little guy!)

#2. Lean phone into a comfortable position

#3. Feed the end of Flexi tail into the audio jack (optional)

And viola! You have a phone stand! I’ve always wanted one of these, I think. Well, now I have one. I think this is an innovative product. I might not have bought it, but I saw the cashier at the Dollar Tree using one and she demonstrated how it works.

Thanks Dollar Tree, for a cool new toy! :)

Houston: High Fashion Home

Today, after a hard day of PPR test prep, I went to check out High Fashion Home with my friend/co-worker Adrian. High Fashion Home is like, according to Adrian, IKEA-meets- Urban Outfitters. I’m inclined to agree with her. Their fabric store across the street is like a JoAnn’s craft store. As someone who loves interior design, I loved the way they decorated living rooms, couches, and beds with bright fabrics and bold prints. Adrian was having a hard time not drooling too.

I felt like a kid in a toy store. There was so much to see!

I saw cute little armchairs, delectable low beds, and I finally saw the stupendous floating bookshelves I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest. The best part was that everything was all out in the open and you could sit on the furniture to see if you liked it:

We saw some chairs with a lot of character!
We got to try several couches…not all were a good fit.

It was a great trip. We didn’t buy anything but we sure were inspired to upgrade our living spaces.

Highlight of the trip:

Adrian finally providing me with proof that chartreuse is a real color and not a bougie invention of her imagination. Please forgive my ignorance!