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Sunday Best: Cheetah Girl


On my first Sunday back in Syracuse. Of course, the snow was waiting outside to greet me. I was happy just to look at it from my porch swing on my patio.

Dress: Target

I had quite a busy Sunday with work for my nonprofit! Click here to read about our first Style Lottery recipients.

WAYW: Training for the First Day of Grad School Year 1





I was in training last week for my instructional assistant job this semester. It was laid back attire but, of course, I dressed up a little bit.

As I was thinking about my back-to-school outfits, I realized that I'm probably going to be dressing a little like a teacher during my time as a grad student. Let's face it, must of my closet are remnants from my classroom days. Without even meaning to, I may look like a teacher 88.2% of the time because of my blazer+dress or cardigan+skirt combos. I like it though. It's not my first time at the rodeo so I want people to be able to differentiate me from the undergrads. My wardrobe should help. I'm excited about this first full semester of grad school. I can't wait to learn and grow.

Sunday Best: Jumpers and Bodycons






Happy Sunday, everyone! To continue what seems to be my obsession with coral and red, here’s my Sunday outfit. I’m wearing one of my favorite thrift finds– this coral button-down jumper dress. Inside the jumper, I have on a bodycon dress worn as a shirt. I’m trying to make appropriate use of old bodycons lol. These days, I’m going for a more modest look.

Excuse the wrinkles, I was folded over in the pews this morning.

Sunday Best: The MRD (midi red dress)





Today, I ended up going to a new church with a fellow grad student friend. It was a great experience that came from a stressful morning of trying to find a place to worship. At the end, I was able to see why God had muddied up my plans– it was to push me to try something new. I still am not sure if I found a new home church, but the welcome I received today was enough to make me come again. I will be praying for guidance and direction.