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Style Lottery wins a Fast Forward award!

Here’s a little about the award:

Thirteen entrants—both individuals and teams—have been selected as winners in the Fast Forward competition, in which the University will fund student projects that demonstrate how Syracuse University and its students can have a positive impact on the world. The winners presented their ideas for the Chancellor, Board of Trustee members and fellow students at the Fast Forward event as part of the Chancellor’s Inauguration. The student projects will be awarded grants of as much as $1,500 to fund the completion of their projects.

This award has been just the time of encouragement Style Lottery needs. I have been hosting closet swaps for quite a few years now. It’s been a lot of work to coordinate, but they’re always worth the “trouble.” Cheers to bigger and better swaps in the future! Following the presentation, I ended up in the Daily Orange newspaper: Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.13.03 AM

Sunday Best: Cheetah Girl


On my first Sunday back in Syracuse. Of course, the snow was waiting outside to greet me. I was happy just to look at it from my porch swing on my patio.

Dress: Target

I had quite a busy Sunday with work for my nonprofit! Click here to read about our first Style Lottery recipients.

Style Lottery Business Cards Are In!

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon an awesome business card promotional on is (for a limited time) giving away 50 free Facebook business cards. These Facebook cards were easy to create— actually automatically generates them for you by choosing your profile and your cover pictures. Then it takes you to a page were you can tweak the design a little bit. And because of their prinfitity technology, you can make the business cards with multiple designs on the front. I chose two to keep things simple.

I was so excited when they came in the mail. I may or may not have literally said “Yay! They’re here.”

Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-34 AM

Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-035

I stuck with only 2 designs, so in a pack of 50, I got 25 cards in each design!Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-32 AM

Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-033
Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-035
50 business cards, free of charge! I love it!

On the back of each card is my Facebook url, my phone number, website url ( and a large quote by Anne Frank that says:

No one ever became poor by giving.

Stylelottery_businesscards Dec 13, 2013 10-36 AM

All of my personal business cards have come from I trust their quality and I really like the design options. I’m always surprised by how quickly I receive the cards in the mail.

I’m not sure how long these awesome cards will be free, but I encourage you to get them while you can (and while they’re still free). Even if they end up being just a conversation starter, these are a great (and inexpensive) way to make a good first impression.

Click the banner below to design your own free Facebook business cardsScreenshot 2013-12-13 10.52.09

Presenting My Non-Profit, Style Lottery

Check out my organization, Style Lottery! Style Lottery is a social enterprise dedicated to sustainable fashion and fashion philanthropy.  with the desire to uplift young women in the community. Style Lottery, through nominations from community members, selects hardworking women and men from low-income communities and gives them the gift of a free clothing.

Visit the site at

Screenshot 2013-11-30 01.56.05

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