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Spotted: “3Fifteen”- A Thrift Shop in Syracuse

This may sound crazy, but as I have been preparing to move away from Houston I had already started mourning my thrifting lifestyle. I would miss the unique prints and trendy finds that set me back less than a Happy Meal. From what I had seen from my trip to New York in the summer, clothes in the Big Apple did not run cheap. Fortunately for me and my closet, Syracuse is not quite the Big Apple…more like the Little Orange (get it, because Syracuse’s colors are orange…nevermind). But really, the small town is more budget-friendly and affordable.

So imagine my delight when my new friend Kelly showed me this cute little thrift store called 3FIFTEEN on campus. Click the link for their Non-profit Facebook page.

The store had a boho vibe to it and there was a cute cafe on the inside. Kelly tells me the cookies are to die for. When I saw the face-sized cookie she bought, I made a mental note to go back and try one myself.

sackchair palletchairs palletchair2

I’ve always had a thing for wooden pallet furniture!

thriftdisplay 3fifteenrack

The skirt and the polka dot blouse caught my eye. I was only browsing though, so I left the items in the store for the next lucky shopper.

3 fifteenmantra

I absolutely love this sign! Philanthropic fashion is one of my passions.


Here’s Kelly checking out the selections.ethnicpurses 3fifteenrack3

One day I will cut back on thrifting. Looks like that day won’t be coming for another 2 years! Cheers to Thrifting!

Good [Ethnic] Food: Nigerian & Indian

While in New York, I was impressed with the diversity of the people around me. There are some amazing culturally authentic pockets tucked away. My adventure buddy, Bukky, had the idea to meet up with some of her family and try out a Nigerian restaurant called the Buka Lounge.  I usually only eat Nigerian food at my house and at Nigerian parties, and I have never been to a Nigerian restaurant. I had been to scared to try Houston’s Fingerlicking restaurant (I have no idea why because I’ve heard mostly good things.)

I ordered: Goat meat pepper soup and a side of akara.

I love my mother’s goat meat pepper soup because it’s the right amount of spice; just enough, not too little. I was pleasantly surprised to find this pepper soup was very similar to my mom’s cooking, only a tad spicier. I had to keep my glass of water near by, but the burning around my lips let me know I was eating authentic Nigerian cuisine.

The akara and the sauce (it wasn’t quite stew) were delicious together.

Here are some other meals at the table:

Great dinner, great company.

————-INDIAN FOOD————

On another day, we tried Indian food. I already love Indian food, so I ordered Tiki Masala with Jasmine rice and a side of Naan bread. Delicious!

Famous– by Association

World Trade Center memorial grounds

Hook ’em Horns with the Charging Bull at Wall Street

So as we were walking along the streets in Brooklyn and we bumped into these cool cats. I recognized Suzy (African Creature), Noddy (Super Noddy), and Ira (#IRANATION) from Tumblr. They were super chill and very down to earth. Maybe we’ll bump into them again. It was a great day, thanks to BukkyB and her friend Melvin for being our tour guides. So it turns out Melvin is part of a Nigerian boy band called A’won Boyz. He had been chilling and goofing around with us all day. It wasn’t until the end of the night that we figured out how famous he was.

I’ll end this post with a peek at their hype Azonto music video:

Check out these talented peeps. I admire the hustle. It’s no small task to be a creative. Props to them.

Photo credit: BukkyB

Shaking a Tailfeather for Lady Liberty

My staff, coworkers, and scholars had a boat cruise on the last day of our session. We went through Chelsea Piers and got dolled up to see the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of New York City. Earlier this day, we’d already seen the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. 

Beautiful view + beautiful people + great music = great time! There was good food, good company, and the DJ was cranking up some good tunes. At the end, I lost my voice, which is my tell-tale sign that I’ve had a good time.

Concrete Jungle Mayhem (Part I)

(Postcard picture taken in Little Italy, New York)


I am in New York for the whole month of July. I am beyond excited to be here. Check out the sites:

The “Oreo Madness” gelato and this classic fedora I bought from Little Italy were my favorite purchases. I love it!

——————-Staff Bonding———————-

I work with some phenomenal people! We work hard and play just as hard.

In just a few days, on our break, we were able to go to:

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Wall Street, Little Italy, Chinatown, Times Square, Madame Tussaud museum, The Bodies Exhibit, and Brooklyn Museum.

Not bad, New York.

Photo credit to BukkyB